Past Championship Winners

Winners are listed year by year and can be seen by clicking the link for the year. 


1972 Vernon Solomon TEXAS
1973 Dick Barrett TEXAS
1974 Herman Johnson OKLAHOMA
1975 Mark O’Connor WASHINGTON
1976 Terry Morris TEXAS
1977 Rudy Meeks CANADA (Ontario)
1978 J’Anna Jacoby CALIFORNIA
1979 Jim “Texas Shorty” Chancellor  TEXAS
1980 Mark O’Connor WASHINGTON
1981 Jimmy Mattingly KENTUCKY
1982 Mark O’Connor WASHINGTON
1984 Randy Howard GEORGIA
1985 Randy Pollard CALIFORNIA
1986 Jeff Pritchard KANSAS
1987 Randy Pollard CALIFORNIA
1988 Dale Morris, Jr. TEXAS
1989 Matthew Hartz IDAHO
1990 Danita Rast IDAHO
1991 Dale Morris, Jr. TEXAS
1992 Roberta Rast IDAHO
1993 Matthew Hartz IDAHO
1994 Danita Rast IDAHO
1995 Matthew Hartz IDAHO
1996 Danita Rast IDAHO
1997 Daniel Carwile KENTUCKY
-- contest not held 1998-2004 --
2005 Roberta Rast TEXAS
2006 Tristan Clarridge CALIFORNIA
2007 Katrina Nicolayeff IDAHO
2008 Tristan Clarridge CALIFORNIA
2009 Alex Hargreaves OREGON
2010 Justin Branum MISSOURI
2011 Katrina Nicolayeff IDAHO
2012 Jacie Sites IDAHO
2013 Laura Waters IDAHO
2014 Katrina Nicolayeff IDAHO
2015 Aynsley Porchak CANADA (Ontario)
2016 Maddie Denton TENNESSEE
2017 Mia Orosco TEXAS
2018 Trustin Baker MISSOURI
2019 Ridge Roberts


2020 contest not held due to COVID-19 pandemic


2021 Katrina Nicolayeff IDAHO
2022 Trustin Baker MISSOURI




The 2022 Grand Masters returned to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum's Ford Theater on September 3rd and 4th (Labor Day Weekend). Visit this website often for updates.

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