2018 Grand Master Fiddler Championship


Day 1 Contest stream -  https://livestream.com/Fiddle/2018GMFCDay1



Day 2 Contest stream -  https://livestream.com/Fiddle/2018GMFCDay2



2018 GMFC Open Championship
Postion  Contestant State
1. Trustin Baker Missouri
2. Ridge Roberts Texas
3. Andrew Lin Kentucky
4. Billy Contreras Tennessee
5. Ivy Phillips Tennessee
6. Matthew Lin Kentucky
7. Wes Westmoreland Texas
8. Joel Whittinghill Kentucky
9. Mari Black Massachusetts
10. Karissa Nugent Texas
11. Mark Ralph Kentucky
12. Kerry Varble Ohio
13. Benjamin Lin Kentucky
14. Bill Jones Georgia
15. Jason Andrew Texas
16. Noemi Turner Washington
17. Cody Stadelmaier Colorado
18. Blakeley Burger Kentucky
19. Josiah Colle Arkansas
2018 GMFC Traditional Championship
Postion  Contestant State
1. Tyler Andal Tennessee
2. Giri Peters Tennessee
3. Tessa Dillon West Virgina
4. Clelia Stefanini Tennessee
5. Henry Barnes Ohio
6. Andrew Magill North Carolina
7. Hillary Klug Tennessee
2018 GMFC Youth Championship
Postion  Contestant State
1. Leah Bowen Nevada
2. Miles Quale California
3. Emilie Miller Washington
4. David Lin Kentucky
5. Teo Quale California
6. Jane Eby Ohio
7. Kate Ward Kentucky
8. Devon Waite Tennessee
9. Christiana Nugent Texas
10. Nathan Pedneault Texas
2018 GMFC Accompanist Championship
Postion  Contestant State
1. Drew Miller Texas
2. Rob Pearcy  Tennessee
3. Jonathan Trawick Oregon
4. Elijah Baker Missouri
5. Jim Reina Texas
6. Todd Varble Ohio




Dr. Perry F. Harris Distinguished Fiddler Award - Dr. Robert "Roby" Cogswell

Charlie Bush Traditional Fiddler Performance Award - Trustin Baker


The 2023 Grand Master Fiddler Championship moves this year to McAfee Concert Hall, on the campus of Belmont University in Nashville, on September 2nd and 3rd (Labor Day Weekend). Visit this website often for updates.

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